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Wolfgang's  Bavarian Pretzels offers one of the most classic and traditional snacks that have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Our timeless German pretzels are carefully handmade using only the finest natural ingredients and the freshest spices for a rich and delicious flavor. Our competitors call their pretzels Bavarian Pretzels, but they are not made with Bavarian ingredients or authentically made.

Authentic & Delicious

Our gourmet soft pretzels are some of the most authentic and delicious Bavarian pretzels online. Using a recipe that is more than one thousand years old, we are able to offer you only the finest and best soft pretzels around. We follow the recipe to perfection and each pretzel is twisted and formed into the traditional tasty treat you know and love. When you taste our German pretzels you will recognize the difference right away. This is because our pretzels:

  • Are baked in Bavaria with Bavarian flower and alpine water
  • Have no artificial flavors or colors
  • Have a traditional authentic Bavarian look
  • Offer top of the line gourmet taste and freshness
  • Are carefully twisted from fresh mixed dough
  • Are flash frozen, fully baked and ready to go with minimal preparation

Wolfgang's offers a wide variety of delicious pretzels in different sizes including the standard size, king size, giant size, the pretzel hoagie, and even a party mini pretzel mix. You can buy soft pretzels online directly from our secure website and receive timely shipping for your order. Contact us with any questions by calling (209)295-4664 or email us at wolfgang@volcano.net. We look forward to our enjoyment of the best soft pretzels around!

Gourmet Soft Pretzels
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